On repetition, self, beauty and work

As an artist I am repeating myself. As a performer I am repeating this repetition, while also engaging in a further repetition of myself.

What duties does repetition comprise, in relation to the future society?

Repetition and learning.

Maybe all I am trying to say is that the self can be repeated.

If the self is repeated, it is also extended.

How is it that it is the self that is repeated and not an external content? (NB What is the external content of the self?)

Why is it good that the self is extended?

What can we consider a phenomenological good? Can we consider that, in fact, the extension of the self is the phenomenological good?

Social media and the repetition of self. Lol. Repetition of the self or construction of a resemblance? >> authenticity

What requires an artist to be authentic? >> if s/he is not, what is the repeated does not extend the self. In fact there is no repetition.

Repetition vs concretization.

If we consider repetition = concretization, this fails as each repetition differs. Hence we say extension.

How is the self constituted? From interaction with the repetition of other selves.

And what of beauty?

Beauty derives from harmony – either a physical harmony or the harmony of an idea (physical harmony is in fact one such idea). Harmony has as one part coherence, and as a second, the necessity of a whole. 

Beauty is a perception which derives from “fellow feeling” – as the self is coherent in its repetitions and harmonious in its extension.

When we grasp beauty we are grasping the nature of the self.

Is this to say, all awareness is awareness of the self? No, but it is to say all awareness is relational to a self which is capable of recognising its own nature.

When do we not repeat? When we perform incoherently. Incoherence is the antithesis of repetition.

Are selves who engage more frequently in repetition more capable of grasping beauty. Remember repetitions are not similar. They need not resemble one another. A restatement, not a copy.

Is creative work the only work where repetition occurs? No – I find even in mundane work the repetition of ability.

Is there beauty in ability? In the swift order in which the harnessed mind runs.

I find coherence. Do I find beauty?

Can we quantify the extension of various repetitions? Is it useful to do so? Are we prevented from doing so by their difference? I believe so.


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