What’s New, Pussycat?

So I thought I’d try and update this old site and make something shiny and sparkly new as I am trying to find a publisher for my next pamphlet. First order of business is the excellent news that I have four poems in the new Spring 2020 issues of Poetry Wales. Thanks a million to Jonathan Edwards for choosing them. You can pre-order your copy here: https://poetrywales.co.uk/product-category/current-issue/

What else is new? Well since, 2015 which is when I think my last post was, quite a lot!! I’ve moved to Edinburgh, done a Masters in Screenwriting and started a job at University of Edinburgh. It was sad to leave Dubai but it was the right time. I’ll never forget the great times I had in the sandpit.

In memory of Dubai, here is my poem We Live In Water, which was published in the now-defunct Hinterland magazine:

We Live In Water


Dubai is merpeople

in neon fringed bikinis


no tails required

slick-skinned revellers


flitting between pool and plage

to finish in chromy towers


where we swallow as much

as we swim in…


Don’t tell me you don’t want

our poolside passionfruit vodka


don’t tell me you don’t want

our beaches that turn to nightclubs


our limitless champagne brunch

I won’t believe you


I never believed you

that’s why I came