As we disposed of our disposable income

like tissues chucked in the bin after a wank


the amazon packages arrived one after another

large brown bubbles of guilty glee

like froth on a hot chocolate


and we dipped into our overdrafts

like a heron dipping its beak in a scummy pond


even the similes could not save us


we scraped tiny pennies off the floor for the next drink

and then we had to stop drinking completely, what a drag


there came a point where all I could think of was money

and how much I had, how little I had


how quickly it vanished in the first week of the month


and I wondered how they survive those who had

twenty pounds cut from their universal credit


and I defrosted last spring’s soup, and was grateful

that my antidepressants are free in Scotland


and I maxed my credit card with a tattoo deposit

because darling, we’ve only got one life.